Welcome to Gur-u!

This blog contains all things Games User Research (GUR) and articles about Usability issues I encounter in the games I play and test.

If you don’t know what Games User Research is, here is a short description: GUR is the application of User Experience (UX) research methodologies in the video game development cycle, in order to take a more user-centric design (UCD) approach. The various benefits of  UX research and UCD in all their applied fields are way too numerous to iterate here, but one simple summary could be:

“Do research early and often, avoid money loss, frustration and customer dissatisfaction later.”

The blog itself will be updated weekly with an article related to a game I evaluate and the usability issues I encounter, as well as weekly picks of GUR- or UX-related gaming articles (e.g. from Gamasutra) I find interesting and will comment on myself.

Enjoy your stay!