About Me

Who I am
My name is Stefanos Papalamprou, I am a UX researcher currently based in London, UK. I work for a design consultancy on a wide variety of digital client products, from e-commerce websites to mobile banking apps.

I have a BSc in Psychology and an MSc in Human-Computer-Interaction and Ergonomics from University College London (UCL). Over the duration of my degrees and my professional experience, I have accumulated many hours of one-on-one moderation for projects ranging from medical devices to kitchen utensils all the way to video games.

What Gur-u is about
I created Gur-u to present articles that I author related to a specific game’s usability issues that I encounter, or interesting articles I pick from other blogs to which I will add a personal comment. Articles on this blog are related to Games User Research (GUR) and the general usability of games, and are meant to promote the use of user research in the video games industry.

What Gur-u is not about
This blog is not a panel of game reviews. In simple words, I will usually only add a short paragraph at the end of an article to mention whether I like a game or not, but I will try not to mix up the subjectivity of finding a game fun and the objectivity of a game having usability issues.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!